Homecoming Website Online

The 2018 Homecoming website, created by Multimedia Presentations Class, is now online and may be viewed at the following link: http://nchshoco2018.weebly.com. Please be sure to bookmark the site as it will be updated throughout the week!

Thursday Class Distinction Results

Class Distinction Results: 1st Place (Sophomores) 39/39 (100%) There are 40 sophomores, but one was absent today 2nd Place (Juniors) (31/32) (96.8%) There were no juniors absent today 3rd Place (Freshman) (43/47) (91.4%) There were no freshman absent today 4th Place (Seniors) (39/43) (90.6%) There are 45 seniors, but two were absent today.

Thursday Morning Results

Point Update as of Thursday morning after Class Distinction Day; Total Tally of Points: Seniors: 135 points Juniors: 135 points Sophomores: 190 points Freshman: 70 points Updated after Thursday’s spirit wear (This does not include Powderpuff Volleyball)

Soccer Results

Soccer Results: 1st place: Sophomores (40pts.) 2nd place: Seniors (20pts.) 3rd place: Freshman (10pts.) 4th place: Juniors (5pts.)

After School Chorus

Missed the first After-School Chorus rehearsal but still want to join? Sign up on the Chorus bulletin board outside the Music Room. After-School Chorus is open to all NCHS students, including guys. If all the guys who have said, "I would join, but...I don't want to be the only guy," would join After-School Chorus...then they wouldn't be the only guy! We want your voices! Remember, "girls swoon over guys who croon!" The next rehearsal is Monday, September 24th.

Tuesday Home Run Results

Total Tally of Points as of 7:30 AM this Wednesday morning: Seniors: 100 points Juniors: 70 points Sophomores: 90 points Freshman: 40 points Updated after Tuesday Spirit Day HOME-RUN Spirit Day Results: 1st place: Juniors (40pts.) (100%) There were 32/32 juniors dressed in sports attire 2nd place: Sophomores (20pts.) (97.5%) There were 39/40 sophomores dressed in sports attire 3rd place: Seniors (10pts.) (86%) There were 37/43 seniors dressed in sports attire. Please note, there are 45 seniors, but two were absent today. 4th place: Freshman (5pts.) (80%) There were 37/46 freshman dressed in sports attire. Please note, there are 47 freshman, but one was absent today.

Fall Sports Senior Nights

Soccer Senior Night: Monday, September 17th, Volleyball & Golf Senior Night: Monday, Oct. 15th... Read more »

Vision & Hearing Screening

School Screening
School health personnel perform vision and hearing screening of students. The parents of a child may request a screening at any time. Vision and hearing screening will be done as mandated, on Wednesday, September 26, 2018... Read more »

PSAT Test for Juniors

The PSAT/NMSQT test will be given to interested juniors on Wednesday, October 10, 2018. Read More »

September Newsletter Online

The September newsletter, created by Publication Productions Class, is now online and may be viewed by following this link: http://www.nchs18.org/_newsletter.html

STEM Magazine

Newark Community High School is pleased to offer a 2018-2019 subscription to STEM Magazine for students, staff, and community to read. Please visit https://bit.ly/2Mw204k to view the latest monthly issue, and be sure to bookmark the page for future issues!

Asst Varsity Boys Basketball Position

Newark High School is looking for an Assistant Varsity Boys Basketball Coach for 2018-19 season. For more information, please click here: https://bit.ly/2L6aY2s

Emergency School Closing Information

Emergency school closing information will be announced on this web site, by phone to all parents through the AlertNow communication system and on the following television and radio stations: WGN 720, WSPY 107.1, WCMY 1430AM.

The Emergency Closing Center may also be contacted by telephone at 1-847-238-1234 or via the Internet at
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